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NAL Nov 2020
you may pretend/have innocence,
but we both know that you're mind
is far from virginal, honey

yesterday's draft 11/10/20
July Gray Aug 2020
Please give me something sweet
Something nice
There's not much of that in my life

I hope for the positive
Only do the negative
It's nice to see flowers untainted
(This was in my drafts. The date on this was Aug. 2019. kinda seems finished though and I like it so I'm posting it)
SassyJ Apr 2016
Under the bridge, a once again
Tranced by the rhythm of a river
Chaos culminated to calm strains
Crucified and paraded in clarity

A push and I pushed deeper to sink
Your eyes lighted with a remedy
A redemption of persisting ache
A depth tucked and hidden in a mast

Unclaimed and reared, purely untainted
An essence delivered by a spirited past
Cocoon to a parameter of perception
A scent delicately brewed in aged truce

Under a bridge in a moment called now
Blocks scented with nitrogen spurred *****
A depart from the swan hypnotic dreams
A renegade of mottos, hollows of morrows
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— The End —