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I seek stability in
But I’m sorry,
I can’t offer you what
I ask you to give,
What we both need:
I don’t have a thing

What anyone I could find
Is anything, anything other than me,
I guess I’m too broken,
To provide the things I need
For either of us
I know my best won’t be good enough.

Keep out, make sure
You aren’t even close
I’ll ruin everyone not only
My limits have been broken since
I realised I wanted so much

In the end,
You would be
Off dead than
Dead with me.
Irate Watcher Aug 2014

                 ­                    m
   ­                                   r
                            ­          t
             ­                         e      
                                ­    to    
                              m a d     
                          c h a s e     
              a m b i t i o n s     
e  x  p  o n  e  n  t i  a  l

— The End —