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Creep Nov 2014
I'm sitting here,
Everyone is abuzz, high on freedom,
such a vague word.
The Fab Five,
The Dark Side,
The Invasive Species,
The Nerds,
The ******* *******,
The Everyone Else.
All talking
          and talking
                    and talking...
Unable to see the depressed face nearby,
the pushed around,
the true sadness that hides beneath a blanket
but still has small slips through the seams.

But the scary thought is,
I'm here with all my "friends"
but I've never felt so alone before.
feeling separated from the world lately...
feel pretentious, like im turning into something i dont want to be, just kinda doing this to be the person my friends want to see, or already see. *shrugs*
kinda seeing everything so third-person, and being.. so... weird i guess... just overdramatizing everything small... im not sure really....

— The End —