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copykitten Sep 29
Darkness, shadows
They've never been his foes
Lurking around as he goes
Even to his death it follows

What's that thing with no nose?
Nobody ever knows
But only to him it ever bows
To others it shrieks and claws

Drowning alone in his sorrows
And all his miseries and woes
Waiting silently for tomorrows
As older and older time grows

He wanted nothing of those
Poisonous as black widows
Repulsing all that knows
Leaving him alone and lost

It wasn't darkness he chose
Looking at a candle that glows
It just felt like blows
And his heart hollows

He tried putting on shows
But they never lasted long
He ends up standing alone
Wrapped in ashes and smokes

One day he's had enough
And he shut his door close
From his one, loyal ghost
Till at some point it finally goes

That was when time froze
And when he finally knows
That a shining star only glows
Inside the deepest, darkest jaws

Oh, the insults he throws
Not to his woes and foes
But to those loyal as dogs
How he regrets them most!

But one thing he can't oppose
The line of present he can't cross
Isaac Garner Dec 2018
Cry on my hollow shoulder
I'll use this lush memory against you soon enough
My new flame seems lukewarm at best
Not a glorious blaze
A small ember encapsulating my tender heart
Jagged scars run deep in fertile valleys
Play that pretty piano made of flame
I don't lie
I don't lie
I don't lie awake at night waiting for good times
It's a constant pestilence that keeps my eyes glued to this steel trap
The fear of longing
And the loneliness feels oh so contrived
My mother cries alone on the balcony
When will I learn
The purest stygmata
A gift from a higher power
The curse of the lonesome
Slap my face
And bleed me like a stuck pig
Maybe you'll drain this unwanted fluid
It's viscous and green
Like your saliva
As it trickled down the rosebud
So innocent it was
On your fifth shot of turpentine
Flowers no longer reach the sky when I feel your touch
Maybe the new gardener can plant me something worth my time

— The End —