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There is an unwriteable in my life,
An unspeakable in my mouth,
An undreamable in my sleep.
Such a hurt,
That I cannot even skirt
Around it, hint at what
The unpermitted is.
A blank space in my head
Once remembered,
Now consumed.
As a doe absorbs her kittens,
I unlearn myself,
Unwritten from existence,
And unspoken evermore.
12.13.14 this day, my day
I was given another year to live
Another year to grow
Another year to start a new

This day have made me realize
Realize that I have to let you go
Let go of the thoughts of you
Let go and never have to look back

I was then never remembered by you
I was never been special for you
I can say you were never mine
And I will never be yours

I have thought for days and hours
But you never remembered my day
As you have told me you would be
Would be there when it will come
I thought someone who was once special would remember my day but he didn't.

— The End —