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Kairosclere Jun 2020
Heart’s rain
Drenching revenge over
Oil fuelled fuming fire
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Pyre Aug 2018
I think i've lost my heart
I don't think you understand, What i truly am
But yet here you stand,
Telling me who i am
I can no longer be, what you want from me
What was it you stole from me?

Blooming on my heart,
Losing veins as you take root
As the synapse misfires.
Thoughts that become liars,
Lies that become the truth
Truths are turning on my youth,
Aging into the monster,
But you lean in closer.
Praying on this broken altar,
The gods forget to forgive,
But These shadows keep stealing.
A night that i keep feeding,
Returning to limbo
About every year or so,
To find another light
To burn another bridge
Standing at the ridge
Saying more and feeling less
Still hiding in this mist of nicotine
Clouding my judgements.

You instill the stillness in my heart
And she.
She derives the anger.

Repetitive mistakes,
As the synapses misfires
And my thoughts become liars.
Ivy Leigh May 2018
i feel like the more emotional i am the less i can write
but i write my poetry like a vague diary
and the less grammatically correct it is
the more personal it feels

today i feel dry
my hands; so i clench them and stretch to get a better grip
nose; will moisten with blood when i sleep
feet; they will crack
lips; they will split
throat; and i cough

— The End —