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Sofiluvu Jan 13
I can’t live without you
I can’t breath without you
You only what I need
You only what I want
For me it’s very hard
To live life in the lie
My fear is blocking me
My heart is breaking
Do you care about me?
Do you feel me?
Do you need me?
Do you hear me?
Sofiluvu Jan 12
I want to be yours
But you don’t want to be mine
What life can predict
What I can expect
When you going down
I can’t this resist
What make you think this
What make you believe
So why I can’t be yours
And you can’t be mine
What else I need to show
To believe that I’m real
You know it’s so sad
I can’t make you love
I wanted to heal you
But you just a stone
Robot who lives in the gray world
Your soul wanna feel it
But your mind is too strong
I want to help you
I want you to feel this
This world not for money
This world for the love
Something from my past
Ps English is not my first language si pls correct me if u see something strange, thx

— The End —