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I wish I took better
Care of my self
I regret not eating  more  healthier
Now I reap the consequences. .
Of  life time medication.
wraiths Jul 2015
i feel as if
someone's taken
the twisted blade
of a knife and
carved my insides out.

there's a pang
that resides
deep in my stomach
that sleep and hot tea
just can't cure.

you did this to me-
it was all. *******. you.
Frank Ruland Sep 2014
Babe, I've been drinking
got a bottle again
spent the day thinking
about how things have been

And I know you told me
to call you instead
but the way that I see
we've said what we've said

Things have run their due course
and we've fallen apart
things just died at the source
they were frayed from the start

My gut has been hurting
not from the heartbreak
I'm done with reverting
got too much at stake

We hated another
each day I paid for it
I drowned and was smothered
the rotgut made me sick

Now we're six feet away
dying on the inside
I guess we're both to blame
but I know that I tried.

At the end of the day
still do the things you do
my stomach is so pained
these ulcers are for you.

— The End —