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angry jagged animal teeth
the underbite of earth's crust
harboring harmful chemicals &
illegal immigrants
at this first ray,
a ****'s hair of celestial inferno
one could say
constantly calling
on this
splay legged abomination
meeting & greeting
every need & accomadation
of greater grazers
they set them selves ablaze
for pity wage
& trade peanuts for raisins.

holy hell.

the nature of things;
of which way's witch ways
is a
flying state
of ***** nirvana.

this is common phenomena.
I could cry. hysterically.

black helicopters
polka dotted the
blinding white
pilot light
that was the sky
littered with little
particulates of sickness.

I want nothing more
but to run to this jesus light
rewind to the darkness
in the daynight
& bottle those clouds,
consume & be alive.

but why.

I run to nothing
& nowhere
cause that's only
place it's all alright.
let it slide past

by the time anyone finds out

another evening beseeches quiet
& we'll abide
to avoid running for our lives
fly fly fly.

— The End —