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20Maxx04 Dec 2018
I miss you
I do
I cant even lie
But when you looked me in the face
Like you wanted me to die
I knew that you dont miss me

So here i am
Writing this ****** poem
That doesnt even rhyme

Here goes

You looked at me
I tried to smile
You rolled your eyes
And told me to leave you alone.

So I’m doing that
I’m not gonna lie
Saying that i dont still love you
But I’m not gonna lie and say i do

I moved on
Ive met someone new
I like them
And i Think
They like me too

Talking to them
Letting loose
Feelings of happiness
I’ve never felt before

Their smile passes yours
without a second thought
Their laugh is so contagious
That’s their like a drug
I wouldn’t mind having an addiction to.

So no I wouldn’t say
i dont still love you
But i also wouldn’t say
I do.
December 11, 2018
Childhood Campy Chimera Curtain Call

Arctic bitter dead of winter cold
polar vortex deep freezes each lovely bone
excellent existential prized memory
swimmingly recalls boyhood

listening to drone
of various and sundry
en deer ring fauna
extant amidst greensward,

where imagination hath flown
to imaginary Eden lifting
uber a maize zing ears
cocked towards
Mother Nature's petsmart crafted chorus

flushing out soundcloud
queen of happy campers
with bees zee winged
wonders as they hone

suite tracks unstinting
well crafted aural presentations
intended to entice
a mate opposite jejune

targeting their search
nsync with one or another
favorable counterpart, this buzz zing
destiny could favor a loon

or some other apropos biological entity
(or perchance if desperate to mate) **** sitter
another species including the manifestation
of microbes on the moon

whereat boys and girls bounding,
exclaiming, and yelping
joie de vivre asper when counselors
blow whistle call at high noon
hour of day iz lunch, thence resuming
their made up fun and par lore games
such as knight in shining armor
dashing off to save

damsel in distress signaling
sans SOS and favorite ring tone tune
of potential prince
where young love doth Flickr
oblivious to a similar situation, aye lichen
to avast Marcy's playground

such panoply a prediction
forecast by Doctor Punxatawney Phil
a blue oyster cult meme burr
thus, in lay person terms
six more weeks of winter for 2018 -

so stay warm to stave off feeling offal
bodes ill for species who clamor for warmth -
supposed tell tale shadow
spelt "N+I+L+L"
and remain in hibernation
if opportunities allow,
and be thankful for not bing forced to mill
around seeking warmth
(case in point a street person),

but ye and the big or 'lil
body of warm flesh adjacent to thee
(this day and age -
gender preference a moot factor),

or take stock, stock and barrel,
how other creatures great and small
burrow underground under a hill
or reef amphibians, mammals, reptiles...

instinct can remain 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
a fictitious place evoked by Jules Verne,...
hm...maybe he might breathe
courtesy of an atavistic gill
who would downplay brouhaha
to avoid any cavil.
Megan Elliott Nov 2015
My lungs are squeezing,
My mind is wheezing,
The world is whirling,
My heart is throbbing.
Their eyes are watching.

The outside is a different picture:
My breathing seems normal.
My smile is strong,
And no one sees,
That I'm fine.

— The End —