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Maude Laurent May 2018
A sister by chance
A fate that she'd meet
A prince at a dance
To sweep her off her feet

Kept a house-maid
By her evil step-mom
She was not at all paid
For the work she had done

A fairy godmother
Who made her look grand
With a beautiful dress
That was certainly not bland

Killed the prince at the ball
Got away with ******
Got away with it all
Because nobody knew her

Poisoned her mom
Disembodied her dad
Killing her family
Wasn't so bad...

She didn't **** the animals...

A twist on all fairy tales, grim version!!!  Already on the third poem, can't wait to finish Life's a twisted fairy tale 3-Sleeping beauty, I promise I will have it out as soon as I can!
Maude Laurent May 2018
I am a beauty
You are a beast
You invite me
To your feast

I wear the mask
Of sadness sweet
But no more crying
It's time to eat

My mind is slipping
Grasping reality
My soul is ****** out from under me
Collapsed memories

You ate my soul,
You ate it whole,
You monster,
You beast

But I guess
You were hungry for love
As we are all alone in this world
Feeding on other things

Personalities? Perhaps,
Thoughts, ideas,
But then again,
That would make us monsters too...

Wouldn't  it?
I was listening to a song about fairy tales, and then I got the idea of twisting one of them to fit life...
It was very fun to make.  :)
Awesome Annie Dec 2015
Weeping willows hide the child, that sees beyond this time. Veils and shadows taking shape, within the forefront of her mind.

Her hair is in disarray, she's just woke up from rest. Darkness all around her, heart beat quickens inside her chest.

She lifts her voice to the darkness, and sings to fill it with light. Bursting colors stream forth, pushing back the night.

Home she can't remember, it's begun to fade away. Like erupting colors, the sunrise brings each day.

Clutching her doll to her chest the trees soothe her with song. Wind blows through her hair, and passes hope along.

She is the child of morning, a sign for better days to come. Shining in her innocence, to beckon the rising sun.
Awesome Annie Dec 2015
This is the story of a girl, who's eyes were black as night. Stars would flow from her hair, whenever she took flight.

On the back of a sparrow she would rise, to bid the sun farewell. Hair changing the sky to dark, stars shining where they fell.

Arms outstretched she'd gather sunsets, and place them in a jar. Making wishes for brighter days, upon each shooting star.

Faint memories hold as time wears on, she no longer has a name. Age no longer takes her youth, she'll always radiate the same.

Her gown of blue flows around her, with elegant wings spread her sparrow fly's. Changing day into night, forever doomed to roam the evening sky's.

— The End —