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Alexander Daniel Apr 2017
You're so beautiful and you don't even know it that's my favorite part
Your laugh is so cute and innocent that's my favorite part
Your smile makes me melt and that's my favorite part
Your wall you put up falls apart when I'm around that's my favorite part
Your will to be honest about your insecurities that's favorite part
Your will to talk about anything that bothers you that's my favorite part
Your eyes make me lose track of time that's my favorite part
You feeling like you can be yourself around me is my favorite part
I could keep going on and on but I just wanted to make your day.
Silencer Aug 2016
'Twas the night before death..

She was her only opponent facing each moment alone
High to the pipe, drinking til she couldn't feel the pain anymore
Only the burning sensation of tequila
down her throat
Her days became gray
Her memory vague
Wishing for someone to wash every teardrop away, without the need to ever beg, or plead them to stay

But what do you expect
Only so much to take
The smile she everyday faked, was merely her soul, shattered by blades

What more can I say
Clogging her nose up with ice, it won't be long before her body, begins paying the price
A horrific mistake, she tried to escape, from all the had made her afraid
The strength she contained, the little bit that remained, was greater than that which most drove her insane
She was warned, she was told
And even then that wasn't enough to stop her from selling her soul for some gold
Thus, the night she turned cold
A story of the ages foretold
Vanessa's high

— The End —