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Nathalie Nov 5
There is a love so deep
that doesn't compare
to any other
It is a trust so
profound which
can overturn
any doubts
It is a feeling so true
that only grows
bigger and glows
even brighter
through time

Butterfly Jul 12
I tried
Please I tried
But I am tired

I want somebody to talk to.
I want to many things.
Only thinking about myself.
It isn't true.
I think about you all the time.
This is a ******* mess
Calea Mar 2018
What are you scared of? What am i scared of?
I'm scared of myself
I'm scared I'll get bad again
I'm scared of others think of me I'm scared to leave my house some days
I'm scared of you
I'm scared of losing
I'm scared I'll never be enough for you
my scared of rejection
scared to speak up
scared to Be Forgotten
scared to be remembered the wrong things
scared when I die no one will cry scared to think
scared to  be
I hope you like it
Calea Mar 2018
Can you truly loved or beloved when you don't love yourself?
Can you truly see if you are blinding yourself from reality can you truly be if being is seeing
Can you ever truly be free of danger if you are danger
Can you ever truly give you all if you are not whole?

— The End —