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Pc Aug 2019
We grew up watching wrestling now they smoking dwayne Johnson
It’s Hard to kick a bad habit
they show no concern until it’s their son or daughter how tragic
Shouldve listened in health class kids
It gets sold like an auction
We Come from a place where they whip up (the rock )like Steve Austin
Narcan that man had a syringe in his arm still
Methadone clinic lines around the building
   Nobody getting better just given new prescriptions
girasol Jan 2019
My heart screams
I love you
My head interjects
F**k him
Lyda M Sourne Dec 2018
Music – she is my muse

She sings to me

Her lilting voice reaching for the heavens

And yet

It falls short as she aches for

Love – tis heart breaking and bittersweet

It is a tug of war

For the melody

Who it sings for

A back and forth,

Undecided, disconcerted

Forlorn and desolate

Madness, determination

But she is beckoned

back, restrain

Don’t hold back

[I] can’t hold back

[I’m] trying

And yet

[I’ll] fall short

“Why? Oh, why?”

Can one not sing?

Shall the muse be only thought,

Ever taught?


She sings and sings.

To fill in the desire

Of a passion unrestrained

(with restraints)

She is ineffable,

And only in silence

Can she be heard.
Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.61 - first movement
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
If there is tug of war
Between Promise Vs. Duty
Choose duty first
Genre: Rational
Theme: Don’t build 2nd thought. It’s too clear.

— The End —