Shiterary Jan 2016

Hope is bullshit. Fate is bullshit. Nothing happens for a reason.
Be your own (G)od.

Wade Lancaster Sep 2015

A good game needs rules and planning.
Nothing revels humanity so well as the games that play.
Actually you revel yourself best in how you play.
And so it became that.
A truism;
perhaps we are not that original, we are fascinated with the human past. And It's the human future which intrigues us most.
Seems we cannot understand us.
We cannot abide the thoughts of stagnation.
We seek to change into the heart of what we are, but... change into what?
We are hardly original.
Therefore, what will be your rewards?...
For playing the game...

I believe if we fill our life with positive there is no room left for negative. Mastery of your own game is never at the expense of another. That would be negative.

— The End —