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Carmen Jane Apr 3
Traveling back in time,
My new hobby, it seems
To be
Reliving moments,
My heart replaying
The same exact beats

When traveling in dark places,
I am holding my own hand
And I am kind, kind with myself
I whisper in my left ear
That I will overcome
I lay on my chest from that time
With my legs curled up
So I can be carried
By my old self
As a lucky charm
I press myself hard
In my own old self
Trying to glue
On my own skin,
A perpetual hug
Oh, how brave I was !

Instead traveling back
To those happy, enchanting places
I become the grass where I once stepped,
I become the breeze around my old self,
I hear every quiet rustling
That I did when playing with my hair
Coiling it around my fingers
I hear the echoes of my laughters,
That hit the leaves,
Of my own tree of knowledge
I hear every eyelash bat,
That creates waves,
Of warm loving breeze,
I whisper in my right ear,
Hold on to this moment
Don't let go just yet
Just a scribble

— The End —