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Traveler Jan 3
(Romanticized not derogatory)

A bard is a poet
But not all poets are bards
I love to sing
And play my guitar

Dancing comes natural
Spinning on one toe
I take a gracious bow
Into a power pose

I’m more then the rest
My poetry’s the best
I recite the hero’s creed
I lead the chant
In a warrior stance
Into the violent streets

The news of the day
Rolls off of my tongue
Stanzas dressed to please
To the local tavern
The patrons run
To drink and brawl with me

Barmaids to breed
Sweet honey mead
The good life
Yes the good life indeed!
I make a loud toast
A salute to our host
Another round on me!
Traveler Tim

This Bards double as the bouncers
We all do our part

Traveling from place to place
It true
I am a
Itinerant Musician and Trader
I am a antique vendor with my own flea market
I write poetry and play guitar on stage whenever I can
Who knew the description of Bard would fit me so precisely.

— The End —