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Louis Verata Apr 22
I'm next to a bus stop while someone
Throws away leftover peanuts.

I'm in a classroom the clock goes tick tock
With balled up paper and of course
Missed throws that went past my rim.

It's past dusk in downtown
To those who aren't hired
I keep warm with my brimming fire.

Somehow be it by chance or Providence or fate
A diamond found its way to me
No one notices it because of what I am, a trash can.
D Mar 8
I’m gonna dream a while
Before it’s time to go
And I leave home
Because all roads lead to rome
And I intent to find her in a mile
Wasting my time meandering in the snow
Feeling like a dog trapped in a cone
Stuck in this endless drone

I’m as high as heaven
Scrawling up memories in dreams
She was there back then, in the time of street beats
Just kids snacking on packaged meats
Some time after eleven
Wearing different shades of cream
None of us could handle the heat
So we ducked in trash can shades, at least to meet

We all played drums
With pots and lids
Kool-aid and innocent imaginings as fuel
Felt rooted in yule
Every day, that’s where we’d come
It’s all we cared for as kids
With minimal labels as fools
But we were far from piles of tools

It was that way
Until it rained
And the alley tended to reek
At least for a week
One day
It was over, we were all strained
Bonds too weak
Insight on what kept us close, bleak

For us, it was all too much rain
Now I’m older
I’m prouder
Smoke shrouds her
Now it’s disappearing vistas behind my eyes, just pain
I’m a lot colder
And I can’t see past her powder
Make up all pretty like, enchanting power
This is my bane
Here I am, a bit bolder
Cheap confidence post shower
I’ll cower in my mistakes later

I can’t find the cause
Of this feeling
I think this world is killing me
What’s glee?
In all these moments of need, no pause
Just the bad choices I’m dealing
On my knees
Hoping this flip flop back is my key

But I’m feeling a little hollow tonight
I can’t hit the sack
These eyes don’t close
All I can do is pose
This plastic is strangling my prose
But then again, failure is my knack
For now and forever, I’ve lost my light
To nothing but my nature, forever blight
Tyler McCarthy Mar 2015
I wear my heart on my sleeve because I don't really like it much myself.
You can imagine me trying to brush it off like a spider or some demonic beetle, I hope that imagery makes you smile.
And if you feel how I do
Let us run
Real fast
And maybe our hearts will unhinge and fly away so as to mix in with the autumn leaves.
Now imagine them falling softly like angels with their wings clipped
as dad rakes them into the trashcan.

— The End —