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Brent Kincaid Sep 2017
Nothing could be finer
Than to have a real ******
In my britches.
I’m changing what I’ve got
Don’t tell me I am not
All you *******.

Some don’t think my gender is my place to decide
They don’t know that I’m a woman inside.

Nothing could be finer
Than to have a real ******
In my britches.

Nothing could be better
Than to change my gender letter:
Make it legal.
All will call me miss
Or give my *** a kiss
And make it regal.

I have been a girl inside my whole entire life.
Now, if i want, I can be a wife.

Nothing could be better
Than to change my gender letter:
Make it legal!

I don’t tell the homophobes just how they should be.
They all need to do the same thing with me.

Nothing would be sweeter
If I never had this peter
To confuse things.
How happy I will be
With that serenity
That a cooze brings.

You may doubt the logic here, but I’m here to say.
Trust me when I tell you I’ll be happy that way.

Nothing could be finer
Than to have a real ******
In my britches.
This is NOT autobiographical but is a bit of fun for some of my Friends over the years.
Robin Ashley Sep 2015
You see I am a silent Tao more words count less especially in this letter,
And when you're finished reading it you can laugh at me if it makes you feel any better.  
Which is okay with me but what's not is that you all just get to keep on living,
Without me with you during all of your tomorrows so this note is my forgiving;
To my family and friends who have hurt me and treated me wrong...
But maybe no fault of yours but still it hurt and didn't even make me strong.
To all except my daughter who needs no forgiveness from me she's done to me nothing wrong,
Unlike I did to her her whole life but it's like I said...because I'm not very strong.
A coward really!  But I'm not gay, a ****** or flamboyant,
It doesn't really matter though anyway I still am a dissapointment.
So I deserve your ridicule I'm no good to others and in my life it has shown,
I don't expect you to except me to forgive me or to even to condone...
This "Pipeline Boy" who in my youth which is how I was raised and I thought it was right,
From behind closed doors was I taught to be feminine and ladylike.
I tried to live my life straight marrying three lovely ladies..."myself" I tried to convert,
I helped to make a little girl (it was my crowning achievement in life) my marriages didn't work.
Attempting to ask for forgiveness I was rushed and sorta fell,
Falling fifty-five feet breaking twenty-one bones and on my way to hell.
Trying to forgive myself in front of God on my way down...
"I'm Still Falling!" were my very last thoughts just before my body hit the ground.
You see I've been treated like a ***** all my life by most these men,
I don't know if it's theirs or mine to own...this unforgivable sin.
So now I partake in the world's oldest profession,
Woman don't do what's done to me being a women's the only way for me to get to Heaven!
So now I am Robin Ashley and hope for as long as I am you'll be my friend,
Because It no longer feels right for me to go around living life just to pretend.
My last name stays the same so she won't feel I abandoned her again,
For she's the only one in this world that I do not want to offend.
So I'll live my life in cognito causing you all no consequence nor strife,
When you're apalled by this letter remember it's not yours-but it's "My" life!
I apologize for posting such an obscene  'b l of distaste,
I'm just so **** tired of living my life with a mask on my face.
I don't know how my family found me here on facebook I guess it really doesn't matter,
My name is now Robin Ashley Latham and its because it makes me less sadder!

     Robin Ashley
My response to my ex-wife when she asked on facebook,"....if you knew someone that was going to try and **** themselves would you help them...or...HELP THEM!!! 10 years after I jumped off the highest bridge in the biggest city of the largest state in the most fantastic country in the world breaking twenty one bones all at the same time shattering three extremities my body and spine.
Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
You wanted me to be happy
But you didn't like
That I played football

Because I was a girl

You wanted me to be strong
But you never liked it
When I cried

Because I was a boy

You always tried to say
That because I was this
Or that

That I could only be what society wanted me to be

I ignored you
I walked my own path

I cut my hair short
When I was a girl
I wore my hair long
When I was a guy
I didn't care
I never lied

I am me
Male or female

Now you know why I dress up in jeans
And act like a tomboy
Now you know why I wear a dress
And act like a drag queen

The mirror never defined who I was
My spirit did
I knew this
Even before I was born

Sure I struggle
With being trapped
In the wrong body
But that's okay

I was born this way

And it's okay
To be bi
Or gay

It's okay to be transgendered
Bipolar in love

We were born
To change
Amy Perry May 2014
Born with a scorn
For the body adorned
With ribbons and bows
And told, "How she glows!"
"I am not a girl,"
He boldly tells the world.

Born with a feeling forlorn,
Feeling emotionally torn--
If I am a boy,
Why am I annoyed
When told not to dance,
And no dresses, just pants.
"I am not a boy,"
She says, cutesy and coy.
Transgendered Children have my upmost respect and admiration.

— The End —