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JaxSpade Dec 2019
The loving nature of this earth
Provides us never-ending love
Yet humans abuse her gift
And they are destroying all she gives
Her beautiful face lays battered
As she loves us unconditionally

Shouldn't we love her back unconditionally
And take care of our lovely earth
We could save her from the batter
And fall into the deepest love
All we have to do is give
For she surely deserves this gift

We all like to receive gifts
And to give them unconditionally
Everyone has something they could give
To the reception of our earth
There is a plethora of love
Even for a world so battered

Bullied, bruised, and battered
Seems to be the common gifted
Where is the abundance of love
To share with our planet unconditionally
Poor mother earth
Begging for us humans to give

Reach deep in your heart and give
For no mother should be battered
All men should love this earth
And the creation of God's gift
As he loves us unconditionally
We too can share this love

It is written, God is love
And it has always been his nature to give
For he first loved us unconditionally
Let us never succumb to satan's battering
But rather receive Gods blessing and gift
With open arms we shall love our earth

Love should never be battered
Give our mother a gift
Of unconditional love for earth

— The End —