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Gray Jun 2018
How do you know when someone is running out of ideas?
Well perhaps it’s when they start to talk about tortillas!

I don’t think it’s silly to talk about this circle made of wheat.
As a matter of fact i believe tortillas are rather neat.

Every single chef I've met has never disapproved,
And if i did somehow did meet one I’ll just have to get them removed.

If you eat a tortilla i promise that you’ll beam a great big smile,
And if you somehow don’t then i promise you that you’re in denial.

I'm guessing that you are done talking about this topic that you don't seem to adore,
Unless perhaps you liked to talk to me just for a little bit more?
There is no need for
discernable lines
in the moment
I am content.
there is no need for anything.
but the moment.
naked & anxiously
awaiting reawakening
& my hands betray me
by shaking & blantantly saying
you've swayed me

it's crazy.

today I created nothing
& I am wasted anything
& everything.
but it's okay.
the mosaic is
a face faded
in the foreground.
this is fair ground.

today I'll walk on air
today I'll float on clouds
today I'll foam at the mouth

then I'll roll around
in my beloved filth
that you brought about.
be proud,
I can't be without it.
Dunno how I feel about this. loveydovey ****.

— The End —