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JA Perkins May 21
I spent all of my todays
throwing promises at
tomorrow -
Now they're only could've-beens drenched with stale, regretful sorrow..
Do it now
Left Foot Poet Jul 2018
this man of constant tomorrows,
hopeful Mondays, bad Fridays,
a man of constant sorrows,
pictures and poems from a life
celebrating constant recalibration,

never allowed to forget that the
years of lucky will run out,
like the string you saved from packages were delivered,
when come the years with
no luck and no more packages arriving
Amanda Oct 2019
If I had a quarter for every time I wished
For you and I to take a trip to yesterday
I don't know exactly how rich I would be
But it would add up to a lot of change

I don't know what I'd do with that cash
But I would spend every cent on you
Doing whatever you like till it's gone
Or till there's nothing left to do

Or we could leave where we are for good
Pack up all our things today and leave
I could take your hand and whisk you far from here
To a place our tomorrows will always be happy

I will say farewell to bad memories
Never look that direction again
Like arrows we will fly toward the future
Our time in this small town will end

Presently I have your heart to hold
And although time may never give me a replay
I am too lucky to be nostalgic
Done wishing for yesterdays
Day 6: write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status update

"If you don't change what you are doing today all your tomorrows will look like your yesterdays"
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Today  is  tomorrow's  
fourth night.

Believe  it  or
Yesterday   has  had
flowers   to  gift  you.

      Hence   the  coming
           season   of  February
would  be   very


       Believe   it  or  

Tomorrow's   tomorrow
would   be my
first   guest.

  Let  him  permit
to  fly   winter-kites
on   Indian  sky.
CK Marrow Jan 2019
it's approaching
it forever draws nearer
and it never stops
and it never will
more constant than the moon on a clear night
more familiar than the touch of a lifelong love
chilling to the bones
more you than not
you will never escape
nothing helps
god never seemed more silent
maybe it's just you're too loud
you plea and beg for semblance
but it never comes
and it never will
hell is a place on earth
and it's right here in my head
Amanda Aug 2018
Love me like our yesterday
The past, we felt free
The only thing that mattered
To you seemed to be me.

Love me like now, today
Your eyes they shine
The conviction when you stare
Look with love back at mine.

Love me like future tomorrows
I'll hope that you'll stay
If only you would let me in
Not push me far away.
If you push people away be ready to see them go. For there is only so much time one will waste chasing something that doesn't want to be caught.
Amanda Jul 2018
Before moon comes out to show
Lack of progress I think I'll get drunk
Could make better decisions
Life is easier to flunk

I look down, hide my shamefIul eyes
Heart lays in the dirt
Wrung out, tossed aside like trash
Can I run from this hurt?

I placed expectations high
In the wrong box, the wrong shelf
Cannot disentangle, stuck to my mistakes
Try but fail to fix myself

**** it, I am gonna get high
Life too short to live sober, full of sorrow
Rather die tonight with smoke in happy lungs
Than survive an endless number of substance free tomorrows
It is hard to live a morally sound life.
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