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Well look who’s here everybody!:
It’s Nice Try Huncke (drink)
It’s It seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time Huncke (drink)
It’s I wasn’t anywhere near there Huncke (drink)
It’s Yeah So What? Huncke (drink)
It’s I didn’t do anything Huncke (drink)
It’s You got the wrong cat Huncke (drink)
It’s This belongs to me Huncke (drink)
It’s I bought that downtown Huncke (drink)
It’s I don’t know what your talking about Huncke (drink)
It’s Really, You Don’t Say? Huh! Huncke (drink)
It’s I’m not carrying nothing Huncke (drink)
It’s I’m clean Huncke (drink)
It’s I’ve been clean for a long time now Huncke (drink)
It’s I wasn’t even uptown Huncke (drink)
It’s I never use that stuff Huncke (drink)
It’s That’s Stuff will **** ya Huncke (drink)
It’s What I do? Huncke (drink)
It’s Nah I don’t know him Huncke (drink)
It’s You can’t keep me here on that Huncke (drink)
It’s We were just talking Huncke (drink)
It’s He disappeared? Really? Huncke (drink)
It’s I’ll give you an An A for Effort for that There Huncke (drink)
It’s That Just Might have Worked Huncke (drink)
It’s There’s Nothing in my Pockets You Can Search Me Huncke (drink)
It’s What are you talking about? Huncke (drink)
It’s I don’t know him Huncke (drink)
It’s I’m just a poet Huncke (drink)

Can replace “drink” with “puff and pass” but no ****** you will die...
luxe Feb 2018
Not loving yourself….
Is like…
Having an art show in a dark room...
Or the stars in the sky being masked by the billboard lights in Times Square….
A nice cup of hot chocolate to warm your soul….
In July….
Mia Barrat Apr 2015
a word
passes between you
and I, dear city, when
you open my eyes then
veil them again. You like
to surprise me and I like
being led.  Surround me
with  noise  and lights: I
really don't mind being
blinded with beauty. As
I silently step into your
sad-skyscraper skeleton,
you let me know that all
these different humans
-the ones you birth, mind
you - tire you  terribly.
Sometimes, you even
wish  you could pop a
sleeping pill, or maybe
two or three (the secret
being that you'd swallow
the whole bottle if no one
was looking). Don't even
try to feign perfection. I
caught you sleeping that
one time: it was so
beautiful I
Who's my favorite personify-able city? Who's my favorite personify-able city? Yes! Yes it's you! Good city.
PS: The title means "the city that never sleeps because of the nightmares"

— The End —