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Day Dec 2018
~ C'mon car -

Drive me home !

Broken heart -

Please don't roam ..

Tired legs -

/ Hold me up \

Convince myself

To never stop, ~
Eve of an Eve
Makayla Jane Dec 2018
I like the feeling of tight sports bras
To hide what little I have
And to make me feel secure

I like the feeling of tight sleeping bags wrapped around me
To hold me
And to make me feel like someone else holds me as I rest

I like the feeling of tight cozy jackets and sweaters
To soothe my soul
And to make me feel snuggly

I like the feeling of wires, ropes, and belts wrapped tightly around my throat
To cut off my circulation
And to watch my face turn a nice dark red-purple
Honest feelings.
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
Inday Sep 2018
My friend.
You came into my room so distressed,
The musicians you loved had all been depressed
And you wondered if you might turn out the same as them,
Play the same sad songs, drink whisky and smoke.

With all the dysphoria took over compassion
Your clothes got expressive, you'd changed your fashion
You accepted you'd sit in you chair with old age
And read all the books, and imagine taking to stage.

But for now you sat beside me and said let's not be scared
You re-assured me of the life you most feared
Somehow this comforted both your mind and mine,
Dark looks for dark, it must be hard to be blind.

We shall meet again someday, you said. Doubtful.
As we walked past all the towering oak trees, so tall
And the more you had to leave the less help I could lend
Your violin still plays melodies which I can't quite comprehend.
sara Jun 2018
She washes her hands in egg whites,
picking out stray shell pieces.
Sitting as still as the morning- quiet,
while the kettle sets itself a-steaming.
She hears that same Chinese flute
drifting down the hallway,
slipping universal truths
under each hotel room doorway.
She looks to the rain in the hills
like sorrowful sailor's wife;
a day could be time for a dream fulfiled
or the time that the rivers run dry.
I honestly have no idea why this took such a turn, I think I must be hungry
Even in a small town, would you know
what is normal, what a stranger looks like
2 blocks away from your daily routine?
Jordan Harris Jun 2014
They say in this world that everyone starts with nothing, that everyone has the opportunity to climb to the top with a cup of effort and just a sprinkle of integrity, that everyone is born equal, and that everyone succeeds.
They are lying, if not to you, then to themselves.

Fact is that inheritance will always be present in this world; parents will always die and pass on their wealth to their children.
Whether we are aware of this or chose to acknowledge its existence is independent and non-influential to this fact.

A lying billionaire may have one daughter and she may never have to genuinely work a day in her life, while an honest but unlucky displaced man may have one son and be unable to give him but a pair of shoes to place over his soft feet.

We are unable to alter this occurrence, for it is natural to wish for one’s own legacy to continue not only in genes, but in wealth, fame, and power, but it is crucial to acknowledge the differences of the lives into which we are born.
Kiara Jefferson Apr 2014
Are you my anchor,

To hold me in the wake of the most terrible storm,

Or are you my anchor,

To bring me



                  ­                          You?
This is a view of a neutral object, shown in a both positive and negative light. I wrote this because I saw people's true intentions when they made me think they we're people worth trusting...

— The End —