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starstrike Jan 18
Deep within
under the flesh of this vessel
beneath the sinew and muscle
bone and marrow
she stirs.
I can feel her
and I must coax her out with familiarity.
So into the depths I go


to find her
to find myself
oh daughter of smoke and nightmares.
jess Apr 2018
now, i know that from reading the title, you may skip over this.
but please, let me explain myself first
contrary to popular belief, country music is not all about
trucks and girls and drinking.
it is about real life.
about heartbreak and passion
learning and failure
new experiences and adventures.
sure, some of these things include trucks and girls and drinking.
but the instruments they use
cause your heart to sing along.
the strum of an acoustic guitar is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.
it is calming
and makes the artist's words fit together
in the most perfect story.
we get to listen to someones life
in the form of a song
that has just the right amount of slowness
mixed with the hillbilly music from the south.
i may not have the ability to live in the country
but the music that comes from there
makes me feel as if i'm sitting in a bar
hearing a guy in a cowboy hat strumming along
and explaining his life to us in a wonderful song.
NO JUDGING. people can like whatever music they like and you cannot change that.
As I scrolled through my feed,
I saw commitments,
I saw pledges of,
And love,
I saw,
I felt the sense of success,
And utter joy.

To those who came out,
Well done for having the,
And trust,
To be honest.

To those who are still hiding,
Take you're time,
When you're ready,
I hope you too,
Will be able to say,
"This is who I am",
And know you'll be safe,
Despite your fears.
I came out back in May as bigender, best of luck to everyone who is coming out today and everyone who has before and everyone who is still closeted.

— The End —