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Mae Feb 11
Just one thing remains stuck in my brain
the small detail at the very end of the night
(of course it would happen then)
All things seemingly in the clear, ready to let the story end
But when we walk from the bar
to their house
and to our car
eventually we had to part ways
A quick, "goodnight" exchange
and then nothing
And as I turn for a clue or something
Your back is turned to me
and your walk is quickening

I remember it's not my responsibility to care about you anymore
as awful as that makes me feel
As my eyes followed you away
I noticed how your partner walked alongside you,
just as swiftly
Hand in hand
you as you brushed me off
Supporting your hasty scurry,
walking away together cowardly
How could you leave
without even looking at me?

So many memories arise as an answer...
All right there, ready to be touch...and be remembered
How I've long forgotten many...
Tempting to be retrieved, felt, and thought about
I have no doubt
That they're deadly

And besides, I learned from the best
to get by I just
brush it off
Allowing that detail
to be our last goodbye

— The End —