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Ijla Nov 2018
I hope someday
when you look back,
instead of regretting
the things you've left behind,
you'll be able to see
just how far you've come.
- Acknowledge your growth -
Skye Carpenter Dec 2015
Hello you, I have a few things to say,
and although you are downhearted, I hope they make your day.
Your life took a turn and you fell so hard,
but I promise you're not broken but merely scarred.
Soon things will get better and you'll wake each morning with light in your heart,
with a smile that lives forever within your eyes, moulded like fine art.

I want you to know that you're the most beautiful creation I've ever come across,
you are the beacon of light for so many and if we didn't have you, we'd be at a great loss.
You are the one who can go ahead and actually change the world -
a precious soul who can break the mould and change the ideals that have been furled.
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
I honestly am not suicidal anymore.
And that's good.
It's nice to be able to say that again.
I'd like to feel like I'm living more often, but I don't want to **** myself anymore, at least.
I honestly am not suffering from an eating disorder or any kind of weight paranoia.
This is also good.
It is really nice to be able to feel less worthless in that sense.
These are good things.
I'm getting better.
Let's focus on the positive, Ember.
You don't want to live like that anymore.
The silence is over.
Build something better for yourself.
It's time to find your own escape.
And it's time to focus on something better.
Maybe this sinking feeling of depression isn't entirely escapable, but count the struggles you've overcome.
I don't cut anymore, I don't starve anymore, and I don't make drafts for suicide notes anymore.
These are good things.
I still feel hollow, but I'm alive.
I'm going to start FEELING alive.
This is my goal.
It will be okay.
I need to start believing that.
because it is true.
I just don't know it yet.
So help me God, "Thee Artiste" better not put some pretentious ******* comment on here because idgaf anymore.

I count my flaws in the mirror. I'm at 41 right now. I was thinking about it on the car ride home. All I ever think about it the negative. Time to dwell on the positive. It won't solve the emptiness, but it will help remind me, that pain is curable. I just need time. TIME. It's bitter medicine, but it's effective.

— The End —