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Marco Buschini Jul 2020
We do solemnly swear;
That forever more,
We shall live in a world
All on our own.
A world that consists of
Pure pleasure,
And unequivocal harmony.
That will last forever,
And a Sunday.
And so from this day forth,
We shall exude the richness
Of the heavens,
In ways that are applicable to life
In the most profound way imaginable.
Which will inevitably,
Echo forever more
In the laughing sounds
Of matrimony.
Blessed our velvet tongues
For we speak the weight of gold,
And sing like angels,
Whispering enchanting dreams,
And dancing on clouds.
Hi Guys, I'm reposting The Weight of Gold, as someone hacked into my account and deleted it!! Make it fly again! Cheers.

— The End —