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Ndumbi Jan 2
Where are you?
My patience lurches, from having to wait too long
My legs are wobbly from roaming back and forth
My mind shrivels from thoughts without kisses
I've called a vigorous search, so you should know
Sent out my best men
Scattered  vallorous knights
Lest a vile nemesis holds you captive
And a bountiful reward I have declared-
The only way I'll get the best out of my men.
I have sought for another
But there's none like you
Ive trod to kingdoms far far away
Charming maidens looming my way
But none with a charm quite like yours-
My darling
I will find you
And if I have to
I will beg for your mercy
beg for your love
One last time.
My final poem
emily Sarker Aug 2018
I'm just a lost girl.
But when I look into your eyes,
Somewhere between the twinkle,
Somewhere between how they light up,
I become a lost girl who's ready to be found.
I had lost myself till he found me❤️
Arcassin B Jul 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I remember from where I came,
You just had the right idea,
I would see the brighter days,
It takes the right one to tell ya,
I use to be a complete failure,
You were always so popular,
I knew I would always fail ya,
But it takes the right one to tell ya,

I use to have a lot of bullies,
You had friends on the soccer team,
In the crowd , your name I will scream,
It takes the right one to tell ya,
I spotted all the right reactions,
You were never controlled by non,
I knew one day I'd end up seeing ya,
It takes the right one to tell ya,
I will believe
in what I usually see
and that's a future with me
I need you here with me,
It takes the right one to tell ya.
Changed Ep

— The End —