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ॐ-i Nov 2015
I made a lover of the sun
And it burned me deliciously
Every blister that rose on my flesh lingered there and stung me like a shallow kiss

And just before it abandoned me for the twilight
It provoked my soul
And once again I was lit
But exceedingly alone
Part of a developing series
ॐ-i Dec 2014
Sea foam the color of breast milk is frothing up thick like honey
Salt crystals are dancing across my skin while the cold ocean water
Wraps itself around my ankles and begins to slowly rise reaching the ‘not-quite-there’ gap of my thighs

The bigness of it all usually overwhelms and dwarfs me

I’m a big girl
Chocolate, broad shouldered, and stout
But the largeness of this world often leaves me feeling small and without

But today,
Standing in the darkness,
I feel at home and tall
Mama swam up out of those waters
Proud and Black with tears running blue

She looked to me and sang melodically, but fiercely,
Here, Baby Girl, is a Crown of seashells and Pearls for you.
Now tuck back those shoulders and stand up straight. Kick up your heals and roll your thighs. Never let them forget just who is the prize. You will birth their sons and make great their daughters. You will heal their sick hearts with this here water. You will swallow your pride as I will make you whole. You will be shrouded in blue but dusted with gold. Cut free your sins and dance through the night because in the twirl of your skirt, the rumble of your laugh, the pitch of your screams and the stealth of your or dance, will make you great and show you the path to my kingdom. Welcome home, at very long last.

I hunched over again and let wash over me, the water
I let out a long cry
I am truly my mother’s sacred daughter

Haughty and fierce
Bold and indignant
Fiercely loyal
And protective of my children

I love you Iya
You have shown me the way
At last I am home
In the blue with you

Vast and safe and sacred and old



Forever will I give praise to you.
I am a crowned Priestess of Yemaya in the Lucumí tradition. This poem is about a deeply personal experience that I had visiting the ocean right before initiating as a priest.
ॐ-i Dec 2014
I wanted to write you in a song
But the lyrics slipped through my fingers and fell onto stone

I wanted to scoop you up and put you back together again
But like eggshells you cracked into a million pieces leaving me to clean up after you again

I wanted to be grown and to do things on my own
But my fingers are frozen and my legs are no longer strong

I wanted to not run after you again
But you walked off briskly and with you went the warmth of my sun

I wanted desperately to set you free
But my own freedom had stripped and locked away from me

I wanted to keep the last parts of my sanity for myself
But I put that **** on the shelf and you saw fit go ahead and help yourself

I wanted to give this poem with a happy ending
But much like with you, it will be ending


— The End —