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ryn Jan 2015
"You love them
With all your heart and soul
Yet, you can't be with them
But you'll never let them go...
And it hurts..."*
- The Girl Who Loved You

Submerged and gasping
Swept away by the immense wave
Thoughts of you I'm painfully drinking
To my heart I'm but a slave

Caught in the undertow
Find myself submitting carelessly
Brushed aside all that I used to know
Drowning in emotional debris

There's strength in me yet
I need not be killed today
I could break free, I could forget
But fight I do not, instead still I lay

Because you see... You are the ocean
And I am but an invisible speck
I, too, want a place in heaven
Not wallow an inconsolable wreck

I'd get washed over but I'd swim deeper
So we could exist only in memory
My heart betrays but never will I sever
Even if you're the love that was never meant to be
Line taken off TGWLY's "To All The People Who Can't Have The One They Love:", for Frank Ruland's "Let's Do A Line!" challenge.

TGWLY is one of the first friends I made here and she's such an incredible writer!

This line of hers bears so much that I'd shed a tear everytime I read it. It rings so true for most of us. It made me made me feel human.

Thank you TGWLY for the inspiration and Frank for setting up the opportunity for me/us to acknowledge and give credit to those who've penned down solid lines embedded within amazing writes.
I assure you I have this under control.
I know what I'm doing and where I stand.
You can try to make me regret.
You can try to make me forget.
But I assure you I won't.

You seem nice.
You seem super cool.
Your writing is beautiful and full of everything I aspire to become.

Day by day I read your writings.
I scroll and I smile because your words reflect that of mine.

I did not know you loved him.
I now know this.
I'm sorry he chose me.
I'm sorry your affection in his eyes want seen.

I really think I could help you or be a friend.
I appreciate your honesty.

"That if you be honesty and fair your honesty would admit no discourse to your beauty"

You deserve the greatest man in the world.
Maybe even more than that.
But you can't have mine.

I don't mean to seem rude.
My intentions are meant to be good.
I just want you too know,
The Girl Who Loved You,
That you're perfect and I'm sure he loves you too.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't notice. I'm sorry I didn't put it together. Forgive me one day. Please.

— The End —