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Erin Fitz Jun 2018
everything you said, I pray that you mean it
the skeptical approach makes me struggle to believe it
so spare me the details, don't feed me the lies
it was you I fell for, by surprise
when you don't want to get attached
Sri Shruthi Aug 2016
There, I met you,
Where I had the familiar sense,
that I have met you,
somewhere around the fence.

There, I saw you,
looking at me already,
that I heard you
doing all the makeovers ready.

There, I felt you
in me, that I fell in no second.
I want to live with you
my rest of my life in seconds.

There, I held you,
that the world turned upside-down.
Now that I get you,
for my lifetime, to find no clown.

— The End —