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Gerry James Aug 2018
I live in Kerala, South India
Where it's usually unbearably humid and hot.
But it’s been rather different lately,
Cool gusts of wind have been brought,

Along with some rains that have turned into floods
Poisoning even fresh water with mud
And so the people, just like the fish our local fishermen catch,
In a net they have been caught,
Leaving friends and family distraught,

Coz trapped by water, a symbol of life,
People have suffered death
And been left to rot
In the houses where water breathes in human space;
Imprinting in our minds a memory we would like to erase.

Everywhere I look I see prayers, with help sought,
But people are just having their hopes shot.
The only grace is that atleast those who have their heads above water
Are having their prayers slowly answered.

I thank God for the army,
Who for the safety of our lives have fought
Pushing through broken homes with everything they’ve got.

I thank God for the navy,
Who have sent men in fleets
Just to save our countrymen off the flooded streets.

I thank God for doing everything to keep us safe and alive,
All so that we would not have to make that final dive.
Quite literally.

Right now, we may mourn this disaster that has led to our demise,
But I promise you, our beautiful state will rise,
And when I say this, I assure you, I speak no lies.
So I live in the state of Kerala, South India.
We the people of Kerala are suffering.
Its flooding beyond measure, and people are dying.
People i know are losing their homes and their families.
This is roundabouts the worst flood in our history.
I know there may not be many, if any, people on HePo from Kerala,
But my request is that anyone, Indian or  non-Indian, prays for this disaster to come to an end.
And that anyone who may live in nearby states like Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, please send supplies. We are desperately in need.
I thank y'all for reading my plea for help.
Pray for Kerala.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
If you've never felt magic
radiating from one soul
to yours

Let me tell you how I have it,
about the one whom I adore.

My imperfect  heart
on display
He grasped it,
more than any
other before

Always giving me more.
Filling and soothing
tension filled  sore.

Present and delivering
All I ever yearned for

So cute I was
thinking I knew
at all, before.

Though, all that time
((not knowing I was
made me grow into
the soul he
*yearns for.
But it is definitely real life :)

— The End —