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mori walts Apr 2016
Into a bow, I folded
paper wakame
and ate it.

Compulsive behaviors include :
Ingredients such as :
relativity ,

taught me how to turn
something flat
and visa-versa.
The Unfamilliar, not-yet-integrated
uncertain if it could be capitalized on,
forms of existing
somehow gathered shame
childhood memory
in tasting.
I would like my appetite back
when you are finished evaluating

Above the water horizon,
where none of us can see,
everything is different.
I can't believe I keep forgetting.
It's springtime in Santa rosa california. This website feels like livejournal in the 90s before I quit the Internet. Circles been drawn again and I feel capable in general, grateful, generous and well. Look at that letter "g" go.
Baby Mar 2015
When I put you on speaker
Pretending you are here is
As easy as closing my
Eyes against the dull sight of
Familiar walls, familiar
Reminders that I exist
In a world within a world
Found on the boundary between
Two elements intent
On being closer and yet
Separated by forces
I can't say for sure are real.
Prabhu Iyer Jan 2015
I walked a spiraling Stare back at the abyss: Leaping forward walking I see the rage of a Cross, four-dimensional Pebbles shattered stained To the side, spiraling back,
cut-up and found what if I walked on them giant drooling drunken mirrors obtuse staircase haunted confusing gravity,
nothing up from mushrooms woman lighted flexing looping,
at apex; a mirage? that can cry; all around; tesseracts; infinite; at quantum.

Lead kindly light, vigil
voice, enlightened
angel face.
Surrealist poem reflecting on mortality.

'Lead kindly light' is from the famous hymn 'Pillar of Cloud' by John Newman

— The End —