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Sasevardhni Oct 2017
From the moment of leaving mother's womb
We shed tears
The first cry/weep of a child
Is nevertheless mild
A mixture of scream so wild
Not knowing the first cry will be the last
As the world is so vast
And sometimes certain things either couldn't be
surpassed or could be stopped.

Though joy and pleasure
aren't hand in hand for sure
Both provide smile and laughter
But, joy renders smile and tear,
Pleasure may render
Regret and tear later.
Though sadness and displeasure
Aren't hand in hand for sure
Both lead to stillness and tears
But, sadness yield faint smile and tear
The excitement takes us aboard
Love showers reasonless smile
A reasonless smile and tears

Pinch of salt in certain food
Makes it so good
Whereas the salt in tears
Provides oximoron's reason either.

Dated: 10.8.2014

— The End —