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All the vinegar
has drained out of you,
along with **** words
and acid anger.

Asleep, you are—
curled into the ball
of infant dreams.

You are ending,
it seems
as helpless
as you began.
Marvin HT Feb 2020
i got this energy that might consume u
they not knowin what i seen or where i been but u do

before i take my pedal off imma make sure it bloom
thought that we could grow together but u dont have a clue
marvins first poem
jonni inferno May 2018
a cheeky ****
she wooed me heart
an' fain 'twould see me face

“A glimpse dear sir
of thy fair visage sir,
a glimpse but to inspire.”

yet when she saw
the pic i sent
she thought i had

for the cheeky tarts...

pic poem
for full effect - i highly recommend the Pic Poem
use the link to open the image in a browser tab
Eridan Ampora Jul 2014
Red Yellow Green
So many colors to choose from
And than so many different types
Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious!
But in what way will you have it?
Will it be a pie, or a **** or maybe a fritter? So many ways, so little time in the day to make it all!
I like apples, don't judge
I wwrote this back wwhen this wwas a Braeburn RP
It's an Eridan Ampora RP account noww,  so deal wwith it
Roberta Day May 2014
I know you
I observe you
I see you glance,
ignore, set down
your phone
your instrument of connection
I see you evade certain conversations
I know your game,
your technique
I know you
I don’t know
why you tell me things
of great magnitude
if you know me
and how they resonate
and stick with me
I’ve confided in you
my most vulnerable moments
you had a spotlight shining
on my every detail
and used it against me
my skin made of braille
I know you’re not
conniving, just thriving
for the human experience
but I ask, will you think
with your heart
and save room for
a fresh start
rather ******* ****
romances for the last bit
of bitterness
when it’s nothing sweet to
me or you?
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