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DivineDao Apr 2016
When an Author of poetry gains zero likes
                And the reads did occur:**

- you're unlikable, no one loves you, or your poems anymore

- your poem is a total crap

- your abstract art is so intense, people have to yawn and yawn, on and on, to get more oxygen for their brains (if there are any left, right ;) especially when being "deeply" in love => therefore => the lack of a like       
                            implies   =)             Pure Magical Love

- your poem was dealing with the fatal and devastating love nobody else could have possibly comprehend. To you the love-pain is still mean in its torterous palid beauty; and where the poem becomes an altar where you go, when you need to cry out all those beautiful teardrops.

- your descriptive sloppy skills repel the mighty sand castle grainiacs who claim they've reached to the bottom of a tremendously important words  ----> "The cunning Itch" and "This ****** **** Anguish" ~ long before they could have conjured and
      comprehend the totality of an idea of fertile feromones colliding with written opiats of a maddening desire

- your poem was overlooked because it does! I repeat! It does not play on the like-ability or un-like-ability of other writing subjects whose libido has to be saturated and satisfied as when dearest bjork and pj harvey are having a slowly approaching ****** of a concert which was deleted from the u-tube ( from un-understandable reasons ), but never from the sweet memory images and ability to play the song just for your self satisfaction

- your poem' is flying up up up above the mundane passing~stream of warhol's 15 minutes attention ... cosily stretching across the heaven's cerulean grey sky like a fine artistic sofa would undoubtfully do ~ in its utmost beauty : ;engaged to offer the after tired bohemians a nectary respite and those unutterly ******* delights

- you're probably having the enormous amount of the incognito anonimous league of wild n' witty obsessive admireres who pretend they don't read your poems < ==> when they don't press the like, you know you were pressed to any convenient dreamy surface in their daydreams

- or   you   absolutely don't write poetry at

— The End —