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A flower’s beauty,
may blossom remarkably,
in harsh conditions;
plugging the funnel: nurture,
in light of one’s true nature.
grace Apr 2019
dance with the Angels,
they will wait for your beauty.
Aphrodite shows,
she falls in love with your soul.
the Angels feel jealous now.

sing with the Devils
they won't wait for your beauty.
Persephone shows,
she falls like Aphrodite.
the Devils could not care less.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
I searched hidden paths
in the dark forest for you,
cut my heart on thorns
wound around your sleeping soul,
but you, my love, never wake.

This sword is heavy
in my trembling hands, they ache
to let go as I
fight my fears, turn to face
the dragon you hide inside.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
It's bittersweet dear,
pleasing you with these smiles
so warm and empty.
We're safer this way, so I'll
keep swallowing the words that
you don't want to hear me say.

— The End —