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ThatBrokenOne Jan 22
It's cold out side
Snow is falling down
Light is shining
Kids are playing in the white glittering

I am sitting inside
Falling down in the void
Light is dimming
My mind is playing with memories

The sun is warming body's
Everything looks so cozy
Lanterns are lit
The feeling of warmth is spreading

My body is cooling down
I feel like I am going crazy
My eyes are closing
My body is cooling down

Out side the sun has set
Darkness a rises
People are moveing inside
Curtains are closing

My mind has set me free
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
Thoughts are popping up
The path has been found

You did something
I wish it was different
My life has been hurt
Body has been cut

You are not worth it
The pain, the cutting
I can't let the control go
I am the one who owns it
Emily McClelland Oct 2017
Thoughts awry under misconception,
allowing those not to take over.
As if to take hold of the reigns,
on your own uncertainty.
this lifestyle.
this average,
middle class,
nine to five,
daily grind
it violates and
rapes and molests
your body and mind.
it puts cigarette burns
out onto your soul and
punctures holes in
your spirit.
it consumes you and
tosses you away like
a dumpster baby.
***** the life force
out of you and throws
you down a dried up well.
it crawls into bed with you,
***** you
and slithers out,
like a continuous
one night stand.
this lifestyle,
butchers your energy
like a sadistic psychopath
repeatedly stabbing
your essence and
slowly twisting it in
while smiling at you
with its blackened,
decaying teeth.
leaves you incessantly
exhausted, to the point
where you can't even
enjoy yourself,
your significant other,
your kids
or a beer.

....and we take it,

because they want
to make us believe that
there's a weekEND.
there's no END
about it. just a speck
of mercy they bestow
upon us that goes by
so quickly, you blink
and it's over and next
thing you know, it's back to
killing you all over again.
we fear change so much
that we'd rather make
someone else's dream
come true than
venturing out,
grabbing life by the *****
and doing something
that actually makes us happy
because it blindfolds us with
a routine
and order.

let's go lay in bed all day long,
let's go ***** each other's brains out,
let's go for a nature walk,
let's go play on a pinball machine,
let's go get a record or two,
let's go catch a flicker show,
let's go to a wrestling match,
let's go watch a local band,
let's go drink beer till our hearts content,
let's go to the zoo and see the animals,
let's go to the ocean.

getting off from work, looking
like a circle **** of snowmen
just ******* all over you and
inhaling and exhaling chemicals
with relentless humidity is
and no way to go through life.

— The End —