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ClAri May 2020
Let me keep falling in this whirlwind
My heart fluttered but you made it thunder
This storm wants me turn more of the pages of you
The Coldness made me crave you
You gave me warmth
Inside grows stronger
Let me please keep Burning in You
You’ll never know
This warmth has become this scorching heat for you
You are the Joy I have no right to have
Imagining holding you and be held by you
Suffocates me, takes all of me, takes the oxygen out of my lungs
I’ll never know regret
You are love and happiness and hope
You are my Sun and you are also the Sea
Please let me forever drift in you
I want to forever Drown in You
Burs Jan 2020
The grass is greener where you water it,
but baby, I'm laying in the dirt

there's enough room for both of us
and we can share our hurt

there's a mountain we can climb together,
we can collect our fears and stay forever

at the very top, we'll count the stars
and better yet our blessings

we can sway with the clouds and create our own imperfect ending

to each their own
and kindness for all
the world is ours,
and I won't let you fall

the grass is greener where you water it, baby

I'll grow my flowers in your heart
and we can share our love, maybe
If only.
Clelia Albano Mar 2019
Take me to the xylographs of Tunis
Where silken shades of colour  
Dissolve and reassemble  

Take me to the white veils of sand
Along with Elysia
To the oils of Giverny scented with
Climbing roses  

( I want to touch them with my fingers)

Take me to the orange rows of Laos and  
-further away-  let me
Into the magic Australian Outback

( I want to count how many dots exploding  
The picturesque of Aboriginals)

Take me to Berlin before the curtain on
The Night
To the peripheries of the world

( I want to look in the eye the eyes kept prisoner by Time)
Then let me into the remote echo of the invisible squares
Bullet Sep 2018
Crashed on a couch
Sinking into the meaning
Of not having company
Can these waves cushion
My head
It hurts that the sofa
Can't float me to somewhere safe
Bring me somewhere were this
World can not take me
Bet you've seen the tides rip the light
But have you seen when the night light
Takes over your mind
And you can no longer sleep
On a pull out mattress
Nothing in this life really matters
Waves bring me to the next new thing
KA Poetry Nov 2017
Take me away
Fly to never ending world

Take me away
To a world without pain.
26/11/2017 | 00.55 | Indonesia
Christine Jun 2017
let's run away
i do not want to be at this place
let's run away
i do not want to be at this place,
where i can't be with you

let's run away
this place no longer belong to us
you deserve better
i deserve more

let's run away
i do  not want to be at this place,
where we can't hold each other's
shelter and swords
hold me now,
let's run away
take me, i am still here .
Mane Omsy May 2017
Save me
Before I fall
You enlightened my world
Don't be away now
I can heal myself
But only when you're here

My dear
If you go, I must too
The rage against death
Will invade for eternity
Why isn't it ever be peace
To conquer the world?
Rising Imaginations for Passion
Tara Marie Jul 2016
A cool wind touching crevices
of your face, escaping
hot air and dodging quickly
as to not be caught by sun.

Your eyes gleaming deeper
than ocean waters
disguising life below them as thick,

White birds sink deep into sunsets,
seen from different windows,
all whispering the same words..
look at me and feel beauty

I can picture your hands,
cleaned, but stain imprinted
placed softly on my skin,
alone, with waves crashing.

Time is no constant.
There's only light and it's absence.
Your smile never fades away.
No envelopes with red writing.

I can hardly feel the fabric
worn loosely on my skin.
There's scattered sand upon it,
on sun-soaked salty bodies.

We're happily pacing
a shore of endless shells
laughing about stories
of work and other chores.

I want no one other
than your green eyes, blinding
to take me there, love me bare,
a shore with just our footsteps.
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
You can have me
Have me now, pay later.
Or pay now, have me later.

You can want me
Want me now, regret later.
Or regret now, want me later.

You can see me
See me now, touch me later.
Or touch me now, feel me later.

You can take me
Take me now, I’m yours forever.
Or I’m yours forever, to take me whenever.
From the shell
I hear the ocean waves
I know it's calling me
Come here, you little one
Listen to my song
Come here, you little one
The seashore is waiting for you
Feel the sands consume your feet
Come here, you little one
Pick up those starfish
Keep them it's my gift
Come here, you little one
Let me kiss your body
******* tears
salty like yours
Come here, you little one
Build me a castle
I promise I won't erase
Come here, you little one
Write your name
As you stumble with pebbles
Come here, you little one
I'll take you wherever you want
May it be at the depths of my soul,
Explore my vastness
You'll see how much you mean to me
Come here, you little one
I offer you a rest
Sail with me
Come here, you little one
And you'll never be alone again

— The End —