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Renhui Sep 11
After half a century of
sun and moon, wind and water as a life
I lost my cool --
My back is bent
My legs give away
My belly is like a woman
   in her late days of pregnancy

I performed feats every day
I helped people home and abroad
I gathered riches in the world
But my body is like a blade of grass
   trembling in the wind

Oh, cool, where are you
   let me know

With each step you take
The feet rooted into the ground
   deep like me, the tree
The head aligned to me, the sky
   As if lifted by a thread
The trunk centered and upright
   Yet flexible like me, the river
And the whole body relaxed
   Connected to me, the earth"

Each step I take
I connect
Rooted aligned relaxed
Each breath I take
I connect

Connect connect connect
Sally A Bayan Mar 11
(10ws x4 )

P A S S - ing
enfeeble one
time moves

unfocused eyes
numbed heart,
dreary thoughts
render the mind

be obeisant
body and mind
lost CHI

wind enfolds,
heals the soul,
positive air
f r e s h e s t,

(PEACE  to everyone. Good morning!)


Copyright September 2, 2015
*** P A S S = pain, anger, sadness, .........
*** (i forgot what the second S stands for)
ConnectHook Apr 29
Upon receiving the propitious omen,
let the chamber be arrayed in crimson silk.
The ten thousand things rise and return to their essence.
The tapestries part to reveal Pearl-gate
when Tiger Breath combines with fire in active contemplation.
The Empress approaches Mountain Hermit
and the landscape flows with harmony.
The ten thousand things transmute to pure chi
when Jade Daughter receives rising force in harmonious arousal.
Before moment of Clouds-on-Jade-Mountain Peak,
the Empress' crucible overflows with yin.
Her alabaster chamber yields its treasure willingly
if tiger of Cloud-Mountain Forest does not take it by force,
when Moon-Gate is opened by stealth
in the shadow of Cloud-Mountain Temple.
Burger King french fries
are not as good as Wendy’s—
but when you’re hungry . . .

— The End —