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Cat Lynn Sep 2019
Its because of who you are
Nor because the choice heart

Its not because of what you have done
Nor the actions you've chosen

Its because of who you are to me
And it makes my memory decease

Its because of the emotions I contain
That creates this heart to go insane

I would be close if health allowed
But for now... I must stand down...
I have a medical condition called syncope.
This is when my heart creates irregular heart beat patterns due to lack of oxygen, low blood sugar, and fast heart beating

When this happens... blood drains from the brain, causing a black out moment, and fainting spell, or a confusion memory moment for a few seconds up to a mintue.

Stress, Anxiety, Dehydration, Tiredness, and physical and emotional exhaustion can cause this...

If there is something (or someone) that cause my heart to do irregular patterns... i have been told to stay away until im properly medicated... or it can get worse

So forgive me for staying away... But my heart races out of fear and happiness and i dont want to have a black out or memory moment sorry...
Im tired of looking and feeling so pathetic...
MR Aug 2014
My breathing's wrong.
This pattern inside me
isn't my rhythm.
You've got all the control
& I'm programmed to rise & fall
just from a single phrase of yours
I wish I could even try
to get this heart to knock on rib doors
build some courage up
whisper truths between the
sliver membranes so I can
try & balance out the breathing
and get a grip on reality
cause I'm almost outta that conscious-land
& I don't know
this man
he keeps bringing me to hell & heaven...
then back
with just his text.

(c) 2014

— The End —