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ThEkInG Oct 2016
The sweet release
I bid to rise
It will not please
To me, I call the time
I pause.
The sweet silence
Oh how I pray for more.
Why must all this violence
**** those in all their core?
I bid to thee,
"Why can't I flee
to see the mournful sky?"
I pause.
His silence kills me slowly,
Small breaths and simple sighs
I try my best
to just know why.

The carriage falls,
I've fallen ill.
My mother calls,
But to him I will.
I weep and whimper
"Save me please!"
But his laughs escape
And kills me under.
The sweet release
Oh how I pray for more.
This is something I wrote this week, I ended up adding more while writing the poem originally; still kind of rusty though.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
I pick up my razor, I put it back down
Like a tethered race horse, I'm pacing around
My pain is overwhelming
It just keeps swelling
I could slice it away
That's the direction I sway
Thin little lines all in a row
Just to let all the pain go
I need the sweet release
It'll come with such ease
I'm ready for the blow
The warm liquid flow
Please forgive me
Please don't look, don't see
I was to weak
The blade I seek
Courtney Dec 2014
Im cold and alone and you're all I have.
And the voices have come again. And they are louder.
"you're worthless" "you're nothing" "no one likes you" "I hate you"
"just die" "you're fat and ugly" "**** yourself"

As I scream and cry for your help, you comfort me.
You tell me, it'll be okay now hush hunny
I slide you through my skin.
   I go  again
and  again

Yet, stil i can't feel anything inside, all i can feel is the
Warmth of the blood that is flowing down my leg.
For I am hollow inside,  I can no longer feel.
All I can feel is your cold kisses on my skin.

dear bestfriend, you're my *sweet release.

— The End —