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solfang Dec 2017
because every time I feel sad,
my mind tells me that it's bad,
to have feelings of feelings suppressed,
there's no difference from the undead.

of course, yes I know,
there's no cure in just one go,
but my heart - even tied with a rope,
there's a glimmer of hope
because every time I feel anxious, or depressed.
my heart says wait, and I wait.
mantieteo Oct 2014
its been three weeks
As my anxiety peaks
In the back of my mind a voice screams
You missed therapy 3 times !
You missed therapy 3 times!

I'm so irrationally irresponsible it seems
But really I'm so irrationally scared
That this shrink I have to sit with for 45 minutes might uncover some thing in me so tragic
I don't think I'm ready to remember something I forced myself to forget so easily like magic
I don't know if it was a ****** up dream or I suppressed it so good it seemed like one
I'm not ready for the aftermath if it was real.

— The End —