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Lillian May Mar 2019
Eyes were bright and strong,
a fire.
But those words,
they turn the sharpest wit a flicker.

You ever see much esteem in the world?
Here, at the height of the ornamented, luxurious actress,
representing the varied arts of impersonation.
Here, attention before the other side of the story.

Follow the symbolic whiskey whisper.
Gently evade the central thought of the world,
tragically human.
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
everyone is burning
in our superficialities
if we could just be sincere
and stop with this *******
maybe things would be alright
but we’ll climb into these shells
and continue to lie to ourselves
about the world we are living
because the controversial
is too inconsequential
we’d rather just have ‘fun’
instead of learning bout the place we live in
what are we doing
i have no idea
if someone has an answer
that is pure
you are just a liar
because nobody got it figured out
but i haven’t lost all hope
because ive got me
and I’m alright
everything’s good
i think

— The End —