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Listen my friend,
This is the dream I dreamed last night after visiting the ruins of the Ancient Sumerians

I stood before an aweful being-A somber faced man/bird

He turned his face towards me and lead me to the temple of Akala-
The queen of darkenss

The house to which all who enter never returns...
Down the road from which there is no coming back

There is the house in which it's people sit in darkness
Dust is their food... Clay is their meat...

They are clothed like birds.
Their wings for covering their bodies
They see no light
They sit in darkness

I entered the house of dust...
I saw the kings of the earth
Their crowns put away for ever

All of the Rulers and Princes-All of whom once war Kingly crowns and ruled the world as in the days of old...

But now, they who stood in the place of the Gods now stand like servants

In the House Of Dust were High Priests of the incantation and ******

And there was the Queen of the Underworld
She who keeps the books of the dead...

She raised her head
She saw me and spoke...

Who has brought this one here?

Then I awoke... like a man drained of blood who wonders alone in a waste.
I didnt write this. I found it, edited it and added some. I thought it was an interesting write.

— The End —