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Tanzim Ahmed Jan 2019
Your smile can't hide the darkness you carry.
Alex Nov 2017
Hot tears and bad thoughts
Dark room and bright clocks
Soaked pillow and stuffy nose
Pitch black through the window
Can't breathe, I'm alone.
Please! This doesn't feel like home!
Sad suicidal scenarios in my head
Wish they were my life instead
If there are any spelling errors I apologize.. I haven't slept since 7am yesterday..
Majid Nov 2017
Hand is shaking silently as you reach for the medicine
You want to pull your hand back but you’re too weak for it
Turn to walk away before you remember again
That you’re doing this for me
That you’re doing this for you
Framed five stitches on the left side of your mind
A broken glass was what did the harm
Not the thoughts in your head or the hand that you loved
Behind the bandage
Do you need to know what took what we had?
Look me in my closed eyes and tell me if the fall from the chair was that bad
What raced through your mind
I took my last breath then read it all
To taste the bitterness

I made my way to the throne, but darkness is all what surrounded me

Tonight's gear:
Blades, bank cards and a white dress
Tonight's mission:
Red fountain, Shakespeare lines and an empty chest
Watching you cut
Your skin puffs, pulling out my guts
Flawless, sprint through time
Blood river flowing perfectly, our blades rhyme
It tingles
it burns
So that’s only the worst
Your body is in pain but your mind is at ease
One turns to two and two to four
At this point you just keep asking for more
There’s no stopping yourself from the warmth flowing through your tongue
Everyone else is happy so why can’t you be too?
Everyone’s blood is red, why yours is blue
It stings, I can see it in your eyes
Your gums getting numb, my nose too
You only want to feel the pain to feel the rush
Enjoy the satisfaction

She was drowning and nobody saw her struggle
I saw it all during another sleepless night trapped in my own mind..
Empty bottles saved us
Julia Mae Apr 2016
there's nothing here
i choked on thirty pills
of brain killing chemicals
couldn't think, couldn't think
couldn't walk, couldn't talk
couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep
laid me to rest in my bed
there was blood all over the pen
my mouth became glued shut
couldn't cry for help if i wanted
but help wasn't here
when i was here
why should it be here now?
because i'm finally fading?
is this why there are so many funerals
for the ones life taking?
did life finally make sense
as i was lowered into the ground?
don't love me now -
i may have been born
just to die
there's nothing here now
choked on thirty pills ...
fifty pills ...
brain dead
i just wanted rest

don't love me in my afterlife
when you couldn't love my present life

— The End —