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Nat Lipstadt Jan 2020

once upon a time,
it was a
sufficient condition to be

no longer.

it is a
necessary condition to be



what would we be without Vow-El,
the God of all promises?

tongue tied consonant babblers incapable of uttering words of
prayerful tenderness,
without the essential precision tool modifiers of our pleasured
interactive mutuality,
unable to chant the sounds, the noisy paths of promise,
of allegiance and alliance,
that elevate the inconstant human to be empowered god-like,
to human

Jan. 24th, 2020
In northwest Semitic use, El was both a generic word for any god and the special name or title of a particular god who was distinguished from other gods as being "the god". ... In Ugaritic the plural form meaning "gods" is ʾilhm, equivalent to Hebrew ʾelōhîm "powers".  Wikipedia El (deity)
Desire Apr 2019
self so sophisticated
seeking soul-satisfaction,
showers soaking seeds sown
shining sun stimulating senses,
sending surreal, significant signals,
saying: "see...

... you are more than enough!"
pio son pie Mar 2018
Their life must be more colorful with their life's complementary, not might be.
but they do not have rights to seek nor control what is mine.
I know that at the moment im doing the best for myself in my own perspective, but not may be the best in theirs.

It is not easy to get out from comfort zone, i said.
Once i tried it, i just regret it.
Regret what i have done.
Im afraid, what's done, done again.

I disgusted with all of this happened.
But yeah again, this is mine.
Not yours.
I got mine, take yours.

I might be the foolest person in this eternity.
And yeah, just me.
Angela Rose Jan 2018
I used to want to save you
I used to want to be your answer
I used to want to be your guidance
I used to want to lead you to happiness

But I still haven't been saved
And I still don't have any answers
And I still lack all guidance
And I still don't have full happiness
Esther Jul 2017
Let this taste last you a second longer,
Roll it out of each bud and into another
As the flavour dissipates, remember,
You have ingested more of yourself
Than you have of any other lover;
Your eternal loneliness is self-sufficient,
Flavourful, nutritious, delicious… etc. etc.
Indulge in the phantom of your lasting selves.
Spectacular is not me
And I may not be “just brilliant”
But in the end, what matters
Is His grace is sufficient.

— The End —