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Sanjali Mar 2018
-Numbers 1 to 9-

I am happy to be here,
Where I can find numbers each morning.
Sun shining through my window,
I walk barefoot downstairs,
Even though my bones crack
I am quiet as a cat.

With warm coffee I can sit,
And as I nibble on the food
I fill out all the blanks.
My pen is black in color
Just like the ink on paper,
They both match each other.

I recall my resolutions
I made a list just days past,
But writing is so much fun.
I write numbers one to nine,
When they are correct I feel fine,
But some numbers I cannot find.

I have finished all my food,
So I go out to sit in the sunshine.
I cover up my face,
Place the paper on the grass,
I let the noise fade at last,
But I must consider every remark.

With criticism one can be better
But then why are these tears around?
I can’t find seven and eight.
I need those numbers,
I need to make them match,
I need to complete these lines.
Wrote this in January, hence the resolution part \o/
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
on the 6th day of January
a baby boy were born namely
Solomon E. Sicio,
he was the 7th child as recorded too.
5 years later,,,he learned how to write,sing and the eagerness to listen
1 day,,, bcoz of his thirst and hunger..he roved around to the kitchen
HEY ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? voiced over by his eldest brother
Oh Kuya come and look,how should i cut this lime? I GOT WONDER!

kuya Sonny took the knife- begun to talk and started to demonstrate.
so he'd enlightened from then on and used to love playing such a mind game,
times gone by,he uses 2 nickname--"Sol or MON" on his 3rd grade.
But he hates the feeling when he is already 8 years old.Less than a decade
.............has just past again-he decided to grew up and be matured enough!
Until now----out of 9 of his brethren ,,,don't know his caliber for being tough
,,,,but 4 of his best-friend really knew how he draw the character named
san Goku
and he finally entered to the nation of hp world,,and want to say............
special thanks to Hidden agenda for the poem of its own
entitled Am I Thirsty or Hungry?
when i read that.. i just wanna share also, some sort of bedtime stories
i've been doing to my son and daughter
:a seven and six years old children of mine without their mother
because me and my wife are currently living in seperate lives !

— The End —