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Chiquita Oct 2019
What is Depression?
Depression is many things
Most of them are hard to explain.
It's like living but feeling lifeless.
It's like wanting to disappear
And start over again.
Having an heart but feeling hollow.
Like there is this heavy space than hurts within.
Its like being free
But being trapped in your own mind.
Its feeling lonely when everyone are around you.
Having insecurities even though you're beautiful.
Its when the a genuine smile gets replaced by a fake one.
Being too caught up in your mind
And not being able to breathe.
Feeling like your head is under water
Even though you are far off shore.
Its that moment when your past
And present Mistakes replay.
That moment when your whole world caves in.
The moment when you start to feel suffocated Like all the air is removed from your body.
Suddenly burst out crying but have no idea why.
Depression makes you feel many things,
Makes you feel worthless,
Drives you nuts,
Pushes you to suicide,
Makes you week
Then you slowly start to lose yourself to your inner demons.
You feel ugly and extremely lonely,
Like being in a world where no one cares.
Then comes a point of time you start to fake smile and say , "I'm Okay" only because you are broken but don't wanna explain it cause it's all too much.
Depression is a demon
Demons that fight with fire
Fights with your soul
And messes the mind.
Even the smallest thing becomes difficult to do
Even if it's just breathing.
Yes, that's depression
and we are all victims to it at some point of time.
If you are having depression or any kind of mental illness,  you are not alone. If you wanna talk about it I am always here, you could dm me. *big hug* to those here

— The End —